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What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

close-up of a dental implant between natural teeth

If you are wondering what dental implants are and what they are made of, read on to find out.

Dental implants are the preferred method to replace a lost tooth.

This innovative solution looks and functions like your natural teeth for a complete smile that feels like your own.

You can smile, speak, and eat with total confidence once again.

This article will look at the materials of dental implants and offer Dr. Amini’s quick guide.

What are the parts of a dental implant?

Traditional dental implants have a three-piece design. The three components are the implant post or screw, the abutment that attaches to the implant post, and the prosthesis or tooth restoration.

Screw or Post

The implant post or screw is inserted into the jawbone during a short surgical procedure using advanced computer-guided surgery.


There is a wide range of implant abutments depending on the system used to restore the teeth. But this fits inside the post and holds the prosthesis.


An implant prosthesis can be a crown, bridge, or implant-supported denture. A single dental implant restores dental crowns.

What are dental implants made of?

Materials for dental implants vary somewhat, but the dental industry has long since settled on Understanding every type of dental implant’s intricate details is integral to each treatment to ensure its durability and longevity.

Here are the primary materials you’ll see in dental implants.


The most common material used in an implant is titanium (specifically, titanium alloys). These alloys are highly resistant to long-term corrosion, warping, and damage, and as such, are typically the go-to for dental implants. Once installed, the jaw grows around the titanium implant and plays an essential role in holding the new tooth in place.


Zirconium oxide is a ceramic material that’s been available for almost twenty years, and it can be a good choice for patients with allergies or sensitivities to metal. However, zirconium implants can be harder to install and aren’t suitable for every mouth; talk to your dentist to see what’s best for you.


The portion of the dental implants that you see – i.e. the prosthesis, or “crown” – is typically made of porcelain, although other materials can be used. Porcelain is ideal because it echoes a natural tooth’s color and texture while remaining durable for many years.

What types of implants does Dr. Amini recommend?

Dr. Amini is certified in dental implant procedures and can provide expert advice and service for dental implants.

If you’re missing a tooth, Dr. Amini recommends dental implants because they:

  • Improve your oral health
  • Protect your smile by preventing adjacent teeth from shifting about
  • Boost confidence and overall beauty (did you know that missing teeth can sag your face/jaw?)
  • Enhance the function of your jaw and your ability to chew comfortably
  • Are fully customizable to meet your goals

You can learn more about the dental implants recommended and used by Dr. Amini here…Click to learn more about BioHorizons in a new window.

The four steps of a dental implant procedure

1. Scan and Plan

With our advanced technology, we take a 3D scan of your mouth and create a plan for your treatment. We’ll be there to talk with you at every step, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

2. Placement

With a surgical precision guide, Dr. Amini places a small post where your root used to be. The post will eventually fuse with your bone to form a strong foundation for your new tooth.

3. Restoration

The abutment is then attached to the post, and your chosen tooth replacement is fitted, depending on your specific needs.

4. Aftercare

Dr. Amini will provide you with detailed home care instructions.

Good oral hygiene, eating habits, and regular dental visits can help prolong the life of your new implant and improve your overall dental health.

If you want to know more about the process of fitting dental implants, give us a call today.

Dr. Amini is proud to provide professional general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry to Olney and the surrounding areas of Brookeville, Sandy Spring, Silver Spring, Rockville, and Gaithersburg.

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